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Light that distorts matter

2006.08.02 (Wednesday, August 2)

In the category of material/immaterial mashups, here’s one from Siggraph:

Mutating material objects with light, as if they were video, with Morphovision [New Scientist].


Automation interface

2006.07.24 (Monday, July 24)

The reBang post, Hybrid Reality Cocooning, is about software that connects real space to a 3-D digital representation. This is used to establish an interface for building automation tasks like controlling lights, sound, television, climate, appliances and even simple tasks like opening and closing doors, by hooking into home automation software and hardware standards. vCrib has an integrated 3-D browser and modeller devoted to debugging, simulating and executing actual home installations. (See the video).

Its integration with metaverse networks like Second Life ( SL) suggests yet another example of one reality augmenting another; whether it’s material reality augment an immaterial one, or vice versa. Essentially, the two realities are reversible as far as augmentation is concerned. From being able to control and monitor real spaces from a distance, like turning off the stove in your home, or seeing who’s at work in your studio by jacking-in to SL when you’re cross town, someday SL –the simulacra, will be put to work accessing your real life, and not just feeding off of its metaphor(s).

Real world, serious games

2006.07.23 (Sunday, July 23)

[Saving the World, One Video Game At A Time @ NYTimes, 23 July 2006]

  • “…a new generation: games that immerse people in the real world, full of real-time political crises. And the games’ designers aren’t just selling a voyeuristic thrill. Games, they argue, can be more than just mindless fun, they can be a medium for change.
  • Video games, serious-games advocates say, also possess a persuasive element that is missing from books or movies: They let the player become a different person (at least for an hour or two), and see the world from a new perspective… most (people are) interested in playing as their own “side.” But when he pushed them to switch positions they developed a more nuanced sense of why the other side acted as it did.
  • Ultimately, a video game is just another medium for artistic expression…”

[The View from Jerusalem @ New World Notes, 18 July 2006]

  • “The “SL Israel” group is several dozen strong, primarily comprised of Israeli Residents, and when their country’s conflict with Hezbollah reached a savage apex over the weekend, I sought them out, to get their perspectives– on the situation in particular, and how it’s impacted their Second Life.
  • “So for awhile me alone working on this ‘temporary Temple’, and hope to enter ‘Jerusalem’ sim.””