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2006.09.11 (Monday, September 11)

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Roadmap Event Questions

2006.08.14 (Monday, August 14)

The excellent Metaverse Roadmap Event that I attended earlier this week in NYC @ EYEBEAM has been briefly covered here, here & here. Due to a serious lack of time on my part (I’m waiting for a plane), I’m posting a couple of questions that I wanted to ask and that we didn’t get around to on Thursday evening.

  1. Jerry Paffendorf showed a web app that created links between a build in Second Life (SL) and a real world, mapped location on which it is based. Why do this? Is there anything actually being created by doing this? Even though it was just another feature of the metaverse space Jerry was showing off, I think the details and implications of this is essential, and deserves much more attention. In fact, it was alluded to several times in other presentations without enough elaboration.
  2. The discussion between Prokofy Neva and Mark Wallace provided the sound byte of the evening. Prokofy identified “World” as the “force” fighting the integration of virtual & WWW spaces. World, she explained, is a “time machine” whose role is to provide the context for shared experience through the creation of succinct atmospheres. (It was actually a quite poetic moment). Wouldn’t we have been better served, if the equivocal nature of world was replaced by space? World is a potentiallity, whereby space is a tangible, modifiable material, a medium.
  3. Sibley Verbeck of Electric Sheep described a recent event in SL for baseball’s All Star Game, created for Major League Baseball. But beyond the ostensible entrepreneurial and marketing ploy, how will the simultaneous representations of an original event actually change our experience of it? Or, sticking with the example of baseball, we know how its media space representations (TV, radio, press…) augment and intensify the game. How will virtual worlds play out as trans-media simulacrum?
  4. The great Tony Parisi produced the best graphic-byte of the evening, showing his vision of the metaverse that seems to thrive on a multiplicity of local, discontinuous worlds connecting through the existing infrastructure of the web itself (web 2.0, that is). But for me, Second Life’s global physics, consistent atmosphere and spatial continuity was a revelation. It showed me that coherent space can lead to persistent shared experience. Space is the fabric and the medium of consensual experience. Can this be sustained throughout Parisi’s discontinuous spaces?

Between the thunder storm and torrential rains that leaked through the Chelsea warehouse roof on a warm New York night, and the enthusiastic exchanges that animated the event, much more deserves to be said. I’m not doing it justice here, what I’ve written is incomplete. I’ll try to support my questions by filling in the cracks with my notes of the event. But my plane was just called, so I’ve gotta run. Thanks Jerry, and to everyone involved.