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Real world, serious games

2006.07.23 (Sunday, July 23)

[Saving the World, One Video Game At A Time @ NYTimes, 23 July 2006]

  • “…a new generation: games that immerse people in the real world, full of real-time political crises. And the games’ designers aren’t just selling a voyeuristic thrill. Games, they argue, can be more than just mindless fun, they can be a medium for change.
  • Video games, serious-games advocates say, also possess a persuasive element that is missing from books or movies: They let the player become a different person (at least for an hour or two), and see the world from a new perspective… most (people are) interested in playing as their own “side.” But when he pushed them to switch positions they developed a more nuanced sense of why the other side acted as it did.
  • Ultimately, a video game is just another medium for artistic expression…”

[The View from Jerusalem @ New World Notes, 18 July 2006]

  • “The “SL Israel” group is several dozen strong, primarily comprised of Israeli Residents, and when their country’s conflict with Hezbollah reached a savage apex over the weekend, I sought them out, to get their perspectives– on the situation in particular, and how it’s impacted their Second Life.
  • “So for awhile me alone working on this ‘temporary Temple’, and hope to enter ‘Jerusalem’ sim.””