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Art, tech and territory

2006.07.20 (Thursday, July 20)

This 3pointD post about a script, a web interface, and a location moves two approaching worlds (RL <=> SL) a little bit closer. Corey Linden speaks of “SL mirror-world space to visualize, market, and sell the data” using world-converging mashups such as this. I’m more interested in the innovations for the non-mirror world, metaverse-as-a-media built environment that scripts like this will make possible. In the spirit of geo-caching or gps art, invented in the wake of cheap, available GPS tech, what are the objects and spaces that will emerge from the convergence between art, tech and territory?

What I want to figure out is how, when and why this:

… can be, act and look more like this (click to zoom):