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reblogged: A Reality of Presence States

2007.08.09 (Thursday, August 9)

Re-reading Vernor Vinge’s 2006 novel, Rainbow’s End, plunged me back into an insistent but unclear reverie concerning the What? & Why? & Where? of the convergence between mirror and virtual worlds. In the book’s first scene, four of the book’s protagonists, 3 government agents of the Indo-European commission and ‘Mr. Rabbit,’ a potential contractor, are meeting in avery real Barcelona. Of the scene’s 4 actors, 1 is actually present on the terrace of a busy Barcelona café, while the other 3 are represented by avatars. Mr. Rabbit is a brown haired hare in a top-hat, last seen provocatively hopping away through busy midday tourists, as the other 3 sat around discussing the meeting [Metaverse Territories] Read the rest of this entry »


Avatar pupeteering by on-screen manipulation

2006.08.03 (Thursday, August 3)

More on the “Puppeteering to Second Life” anouncement,that tells us about the “ability to add movement through the expressive puppeteering technology … allowing residents … to enhance their interaction without having to access dedicated animation software…” Soon, we’ll be able to “simply grab an avatar’s body part and move it in the desired way.”

Computer World elaborates on this after a first hand demo @ Siggraph 2006:

“Apparently, players will soon be able to pose their online avatars by moving and manipulating body parts through a very intuitive, point-and-click interface. Not long afterwards, they’ll be able to create personalized animations using the technology, saving them for hotkey-use in future sessions. While it’s certainly not the most original technology being shown off at the show — and there is sure to be an uproar in congressional districts when folks realize that groping will be as easy to do in game as swinging a mouse to and fro — it’s sure to have a lot of impact on the hordes of people and companies that make real money off of the virtual world.”