reblogged: When Actual Materiality Surpasses Even Real Virtuality

2007.08.06 (Monday, August 6)

HypoSurface is a disruptive material technology. It’s been plenty blogged in the last week, so I won’t bother repeating what’s already been said, especially concerning How? and Why? this works. Anyway, what draws my attention, in reference to this blog, is when I see a real technology approaching, even surpassing, what can be done when creating space using immaterials.

[continue reading@ Metaverse Territories]

NMC Arts[Photo taken from the excellent inworld Second Life art installation, NMConnect on the NMC campus]

If this blog’s principle focus has been an attempt to:

  1. disrupt the ostensible but wrong-headed efforts to find connections between real world architectural practices and the conception of virtual world space from Metaverse, the media (I think that it is a logical, intellectual and sensible contridication to try to connect the two);
  2. construct a platform from which inworld physical and social patterns can generate the symbology of immaterial architecture; and,
  3. lay the foundations from which a unique expressive media can emerge from the collective intelligence of social platforms whose material is 3-D space.

…then its logical line of questioning, when sensing a real world example of radical materiality such as HypoSurface is: How can it form and inform the conception of inworld space and help provoke the emergence of a singular expressive language?

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