3-D Web Mashup Mania

2006.08.02 (Wednesday, August 2)

Ajax, javascript, xml, 3D, web apps… all in the same software dev library. It’s called Ajax3d, and it combines on X3D “…the ISO standard for networked 3D graphics… with the ease of use … of Ajax.” It’s developed by Media Machines, whose experience with interactive 3-D communities can be traced back to the early days of VRML.

Can this help get fragments of Second Life into a browser? Will this open up ways to replay scenes from SL in real 3-D, instead of having to capture video? Can this lead to a real mashup between

2 Responses to “3-D Web Mashup Mania”

  1. […] The great Tony Parisi produced the best graphic-byte of the evening, showing his vision of the metaverse that seems to thrive on a multiplicity of local, discontinuous worlds connecting through the existing infrastructure of the web itself (web 2.0, that is). But for me, Second Life’s global physics, consistent atmosphere and spatial continuity was a revelation. It showed me that coherent space can lead to persistent shared experience. Space is the fabric and the medium of consensual experience. Can this be sustained throughout Parisi’s discontinuous spaces? […]

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