Metaverse Architecture : Intentions

2006.07.18 (Tuesday, July 18)

The blog Metaverse Architecture is where I try to show different builds throughout Second Life (SL) that serve as examples for me to generate, structure and clarify my own thoughts on : a) what it means to have an architectural idea in the metaverse; and, b) how architectural space can be fabricated from (im)materials.

I think that SL is the perfect platform to achieve this. The world’s content is user generated and people take what they do here pretty seriously. Even though most content is built by non –architects, artists, graphist, new-media artists, sculptors, animators etc… there is a substantial and engaged community of people educated and experienced at building; the synergy and interaction between trained-artists-builders and user-builders is fascinating (and merits further study in and of itself). Also, there is a sufficient density and variety of SL built environments to stay busy with this project.

I know from experience that the time, effort and perseverance necessary to build something meaningful is enormous. My intention is not to be critical of the builds, but rather to use them to critically to construct and inspire my proper ideas through their example.

The first project I use is the Hipcast conference and exposition center located on the Shalida sim [direct SL link, or SLurl]. My main goal for this first post is to learn how to show something from Second Life, to someone else in real life (RL). And as I recently found out, this is no small feat. So anyway, I’ll proceed slowly and methodically, and probably come back and do some up-dates until I’m happy with it …


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