Building in a Metaverse: Manifest, pt.1

2006.07.17 (Monday, July 17)

A theoretical, critical and practical foundation for building in SL :

1/ In-world architecture will evolve from a referential system based on the local and global physical qualities of the world… its forces.

  • The local qualities can be understood as the build’s context –the geological, topological, textural and proximate characteristics that directly influence the planning and building process, and;
  • the global qualities, the environmental, consensual and infrastructural elements, are defined by the world’s ubiquitous computational engines. These qualities determine the world’s ontological structure, and are equally shared by all builds.

This world, in the case of Second Life (SL), is produced by simultaneous calculations of multiple but simple physical algorithms that determine its physical, atmospheric and qualitative-material states. These states, in order to be operational, must be represented, and will necessitate the development of tools that are both sensitive to these forces and capable of producing analytical models of them.


One Response to “Building in a Metaverse: Manifest, pt.1”

  1. […] Immersion: The idea of immersion in SL being defined as “…not be(ing) contaminated by anything from the outside…” is misconstrued. As I’m attempting to articulate through my work on this site (a bit laborious, perhaps, but I’ll find a way to be more succinct…) most of SL’s content is conceived by establishing a direct or indirect semantic link between a RL artifact and a SL reference. Thus, in order to access the meaning, atmosphere or usages of a build in SL –its signification, prior knowledge or experience of the RL artifact is necessary. In this scenario, the immersive purity becomes necessarily ruptured by having to access, at the very least, a mental image of the reference, or worse, a Google search, in order to understand what’s going on. In the example below… can this be an “immersive” or even meaningful experience… …without this reference? For total, non “-contaminated” immersion to occur the signification system must turn to SL itself, a self-referential system, and tap into the SL deep structure, to arrive at true immersive expression. […]

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